Anal fissure

An anal fissure is a tear in the mucous membrane of the anus, at the transition of the skin into the anus. Typically, these tears occur toward the coccyx or, less commonly, toward the perineum/testicular base. Hard bowel movements, but also diarrhea and a high sphincter tension can promote the development. A distinction is made between acute (very painful) and chronic anal fissures. In the case of a chronic fissure, small skin folds also called prepost folds or sentinel marisques and /or mucosal fibromas have already formed in the anal canal, making healing difficult.

Symptoms: pain or bleeding during or after defecation, itching.

Treatment options

  • Conservative treatment methods with ointments for sphincter relaxation and stool regulation.
  • Surgical freshening of the fissure (fissure debridement) and resection of the skin folds/mucosal fibromas.
  • Botox injection for sphincter relaxation