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Diseases of the rectum.

Health begins in the gut.

nutricum – Center for Nutrition and Intestinal Health

Dear patients

For the past 15 years, I have been passionately caring for any problems related to the rectum, bowel and nutrition as a proctologist and nutritionist.

As a proctologist, I can often bring about an improvement in rectal problems such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, skin conditions or even fecal incontinence when acute problems arise. This either by drug therapy or by palliative surgery. However, over my many years of practice, I realized that hemorrhoids or fissures don’t just “fall out of the sky,” but are often a long-standing, chronic nutritional problem.

I give you the opportunity of self-initiative to take a step of your healing into your own hands – because you can do it better than I can!

Through dietary changes and an analysis of the intestinal bacteria/microbiome analysis and an adapted pre- and probiotic therapy as well as the use of phytopharmaceuticals (herbal medicines) and dietary supplements, we can together bring about a significant improvement or cure of your symptoms.

Personal responsibility, diet or drug therapy and – if there is no other way – surgery, are the key to your healing!

I am happy to help you


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